Welcome to Art By Salima 

Art By Salima

Welcome to Art By Salima

I have always been interested in, and wanted to explore my creativity. In 2000, I enrolled for ceramic classes that I really enjoyed. In 2004, some of my ceramic pieces were selected by Ceramic South Africa for the National Exhibition at the Pretoria Art Gallery. I also did decoupage and mosaic-making. In 2008, I enrolled for drawing and art classes at Cameron’s art studio, and learnt to draw. I continued from there, working mainly in oils; I did figurative and abstract painting. Painting brings me much joy, enjoyment and fulfilment, and I intend to continue expressing my creativity through this medium.

My art is influenced by Islamic Architectural history; my travels, religion (Islam), and nature, as well as the multi-cultural society I live in.

For commissions and enquiries please contact me on e-mail or by phone on +2783 300 8077

  • andalusian dome 1 Islamic

    Decorative Ceilings

  • ruins of royal residence Islamic


  • moorish entrance Islamic

    A Moorish entrance.

  • hall of pillars cordoba Islamic

    Hall of Pillars

  • interlaced arches Islamic

    Interlaced Arches

  • decoration of the great mosque of cordoba Islamic

    Great Mosque of Cordoba

  • alhambra royal palace Islamic, Landscapes

    The Alhambra Royal Palace

  • court of lions Islamic

    The Court of the Lions

  • the baths alhambra Islamic

    The Baths, Alhambra

  • cordoba mosque hall Islamic

    Cordoba Mosque, Hall of Pillars

  • andalusian still life Islamic

    Andalusian still-life

  • mosque in tunis Islamic

    Mosque in Tunis, Tunisia

  • abultion  sultan hassan mosque cairo Islamic

    Ablution fountain

  • orchids 2 Flowers


  • dubai marina Landscapes

    Dubai Marina

  • lillies Flowers


  • irises Flowers


  • makkah dawn Islamic

    A Spiritual Journey

  • play with colour abstract

    Play with colour

  • black and white future 2 abstract

    Black and white

  • Mirage abstract


  • colours of earth abstract

    Colours of Earth.

  • wave Landscapes


  • landscape Landscapes


  • tulips 1 Flowers

    Shades of Tulips

  • istanbul skyline Landscapes

    Istanbul skyline

  • lifecycle abstract


  • The Prophet's Mosque Islamic

    The Prophet’s Mosque

  • Islamic Mosaic Pattern Islamic

    Islamic Mosaic Pattern

  • Contemplation Islamic


  • Transcendence Islamic


  • Name of God(ALLAH) abstract

    Name of God(ALLAH)

  • The Mountain abstract

    The Mountain

  • The Forest abstract

    The Forest

  • Plates abstract


  • Islamic Design and Geometry abstract

    Islamic Design and Geometry

  • Geometric Architecture abstract

    Geometric Architecture

  • Prayer abstract


  • Birds in Flight abstract

    Birds in Flight

  • Persian Carpet abstract

    Persian Carpet

  • Persian Mosque Islamic

    Persian Mosque

  • 14th Century Mamluk Bottles Islamic

    14th Century Mamluk Bottles

  • dor Islamic

    Dome of the Rock

  • Hagia Sophia Islamic

    Hagia Sophia

  • Iznic Pottery abstract

    Iznic Pottery